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Comment Launching a product…

Launching a product has always been, and most likely will be, a struggle for me. Thinking it’s not good enough, it might be broken or others might not like it as much as I do are constant thoughts that I have when I think about pressing the publish button. Today I have overcome my fear (with the help of my awesome partners in this journey) and released our first version of Colloq.

What initially started as an idea at a conference ended up being a real product that is available to everyone today. The main vision for Colloq is to be a platform that connects event organisers, speakers and attendees. We want to expand the audience for the great content that is available at conferences and help people to learn new things through it. Today is just the start for us and we will continue to develop it further in every spare minute we have, hopefully to make it our day job one day. There are many great things in our roadmap, but at this very moment I am proud to have overcome my "release fear".

I would like to thank everyone who has been part in this. Every single one who has provided feedback, everyone who encouraged us that we are doing the right thing, and last but not least everyone who has supported me – especially during my free time, which was quite limited recently.

Even if I have to go back to do client work tomorrow, putting something out there today felt special. I cannot wait to spend more of my free time on this awesome project.

One more thing: I also want to thank Anselm and Holger for being awesome partners in crime. Getting things done in this small distributed team throughout the world, learning from each other and making hard decisions while still having fun together has been an unforgettable experience. Let’s continue to do what we do until we can do this for a living!

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