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Paulus Schoutsen in Philips Hue blocks 3rd party lights about the Philips Hue products:

Their … hub is rock solid, never crashes, great API…

I can only agree with Paulus here. All the products are indeed awesome and they just work. Every single time.

Now Philips seemed to have blocked other devices, that are not build, or certified by them, and Paulus continues:

Philips Hue now blocks all but their own bulbs and those of “friends of Hue”. … I will no longer suggest people to buy into the Philips Hue ecosystem.

Now I'm slightly confused. I can see why this might be a problem for him, but in the end third party devices where never officially supported in the first place. I assume they did work simply because Philips did a good job implementing the Zigbee protocol. A good indicator that this was never planned is that they even build their own initiative "Friends of Hue" to verify the ones that are supposed to work with them. Now they just enforce it, and I assume it's just because they want to keep up the good quality they already deliver (yeah, pink glasses).

I'm wondering if I should now discourage people from buying cars from BMW because they cannot be enhanced with parts from Mercedes…

P.S. I'm also wondering why that's a problem in the first place, because (as far as I know), all this stupid light bulbs from all different manufactures come with their own proprietary bridge anyway, and that's why Apple (and Google) started to implement their Umbrella frameworks in the first place.

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