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Comment Marc writes in his…

Marc writes in his fantastic Wrap-Up and Coverage for Düsseldorf 2019:

Every time you think ”That’s it. It can’t get any better” and then you end the show and read, listen to and see all this wonderful and nice feedback. Wow, just incredible and fills me with a very warm and lovely feeling.

Feedback is important for everyone to see how they are doing. Marc is doing a fantastic job every single conference, but if we all wouldn’t have told him, he might have stopped. It is important that you tell people when you like something they do.

Read the article and see how much love and details Marc puts into his event. Not only before, not only during but also after them.

One thing about the article kind of annoys me: Portugal is not in the list… 🤪

Oh, and if you want to see all the coverage and add your as well, check out the Colloq page for this years edition.

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