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Marc in Use the chance you have:

Do not only think that you should visit one of your friends again. Simply do it! Do not only think about calling your friend one day, get your f***ing mobile out of your pocket and call now!

He's right. Even if I'm in contact with my mother all the time, I just called her. I think you shouldn't think about the bad things that might happen, but think about who's voice you want to hear again.

In addition Marc makes a valid point which is in my head for quite some time now:

It never has been easier to stay in touch with someone than these days.

We have, and build, the best technologies this world ever saw (for now), but we mostly don't use them for real interactions. Don't think about how gulp will solve the problems you don't have, think about how technology (text, audio and especially video) might connect you to people far away.

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