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I'm thinking out load here and would like to read some feedback about this: Does a website need topics?

Frederic (links to a german post) reminded me about that yesterday. He explains that it makes sense for him to create multiple accounts inside different (Mastodon) services because he wants to post diverse things. Different topics that do not fit one audience.

I can very much relate to this. I'm still struggling how to organize content here. I like to write about tech stuff. I like to write about surfing, traveling, photos, conferences, art, architecture, … life in itself. While there might be people that want to read everything, the broader audience might not care about some content that they cannot relate to. While this is my website and I write whatever I want, I still think about my "audience". How can I make it easier for them to get the topics they are interested in?

While I did create different content types, I think a better approach might be topics. If you are into surfing you most likely don't care if it's an article, a note or a photo. Your interest is into surfing. With a topic you could get that. Just that and not the PostgreSQL related topics from which you think they might be a wax brand you've never heard of. (Spoiler: it's not).

That said, it's not that I write that much content on a weekly basis, so I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. If there's some content one is not interested into, they could just skim over it.

Any thought?

P.S. I would call it topics. You can call it whatever you want. Categories. Tags. Hashtags, …

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