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Comment Surfing is something…

Surfing is something I found for myself. For me it's about nature, the ocean, waiting, being grateful for what's there, making the best of the opportunities you get – then from time to time you ride a decent wave… or you realise you have to practice more.

Tim send me a link that he thought might be of interest to me:

like Uber, but for waves

First of all I think nothing should be like Uber, but the idea is kind of appealing. Great waves with the push on a button.

While it might be a dream to have as many waves as possible, I think it is missing the most important part: nature. Surfing is about adapting to different scenarios. Even if they have 50 buttons for different waves, at one point in time you'll know them all. If the wave is approaching, there is only a little chance that something unexpected happens. That's why they want to call them perfect waves.

Overall, it's a great article explaining a little bit about wavepools and why it makes a lot of (commercial) sense for companies to support it. While I cannot say that I wouldn't want to try it, I'll stick to my free ocean. No button needed.

P.S. I'm so looking forward to the winter again:

not quite like standing on the cliffs at Nazare

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