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For now I’m one of the lucky ones to not have my issues with the iOS 13 betas (knocking on wood). Craig now makes a point in iCloud Clusterfuck for everyone who had issues:

when I say lost, I mean really lost. Entire folders were either gone or corrupted.

I agree with all the things he says, including when he comes to the following conclusion:

Apple’s biggest fuck up was a bad assumption about who is testing a beta release. … there are many folks that are just looking to get the new and shiny features.

After that I tend to disagree with him. He proposes to disconnect iCloud by default and that iCloud cannot be in beta. I think a different solution would be more appropriate:

Use a sandbox. Every developer team gets a separate sandbox for their CloudKit data. This could also work for iCloud. When you use a beta, you start with a blank slate. Developers (and beta testers) would be able to test everything and we could all move on from this huge (and critical) topic.

This would also prevent a problem that is made my Apple itself: when non developers what to have the newest shiny things, but they cannot have their data, they will not upgrade.

I for myself think the public betas are the biggest problem. They are there too early, nobody can prepare for them and in the end everyone loses. I really would like to see some statistics about how many public beta testers indeed did provide feedback which helped to make the software better again.

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