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After linking to The Correspondent before, I realised that I've never recommended it here. I really should have.

The daily stream of immediate "breaking" news might cover up the fact that things are indeed getting better in our world. Constructive journalism tries to provide us with a bigger picture:

… many journalist, who use a very cynical way of reporting the news, forget that by reporting everything that is going wrong from a distance, they also move the society … Constructive journalism aims express how change is possible and highlights the role each member of society may play to foster it.

This is what "The Correspondent" and others (for example the also highly recommended german Perspective Daily are trying to do.

By supporting them you are supporting a system which encourages more context and background to be integrated into our journalism. It might not be anymore about the fastest coverage or the immediate horror, but about the effects events have on our society.

A goal well worth supporting.

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