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Richard Garfield In A Game Player’s Manifesto (link to Facebook, unfortunately it does not seem to be available somewhere else):

Games can have addictive properties – and these abusive games are created – intentionally or not – to exploit players who are subject to certain addictive behavior.

For me it never made much sense to pay for "energy" or anything else in a game, but obviously many people out there are getting abused by this. The article explains different methods some game publishers use to make profit out of addicted players.

He closes with:

As a game player I will not play or promote games that I believe are subsidizing free or inexpensive play with exploitation of addictive players. As a game designer I will no longer work with publishers that are trying to make my designs into skinnerware.

What I like about his Manifesto is that he is setting himself some written ground rules that he wants to live by.

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