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Comment I am still thinking…

I am still thinking about the two states of my website. Today I will start a little experiment.

These days I'm working solely with Pomodoros. There are no rules except the following: If I'm working, a timer is running down. If no timer is running, I'm not working. Simple.

While this website is my personal playground I never considered it work. It's the same with writing. I do not earn money from either of them, so they are both considered fun projects.

Now I realized that I have another fun project: Colloq. It is not (yet) paying any bills, but I considered it to be work from the start. That's why I send much more time on Colloq than on this website.

Long story short: I'll reserve some Pomodoros each week for this website and also consider it serious work. It can be writing, programming, designing, anything. I am curious to see how this will change this space over time.

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