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Comment Our landlord has to…

Our landlord has to put new windows into the winter garden on the backside of our apartment. Not that the ones aren’t good anymore. Actually they are more modern then all the ones from our neighbors, but that seems to be the problem. They look different. After three years living here they get exchanged. With what I expect will be less quality ones. We will see.

Portugal is a sunny country. During the winter, with no heating and some consecutive rainy days it still gets cold. Especially as the backside of our apartment does not get any sun at all during any day.

So what would be the worst time to replace windows? Exactly. They are doing it now, after the summer is over. We also got good news delivered: that manufacturing of the new ones will take about two or four days. After they got the measurements of them today. Which they did before. Two times.

Now, sitting here with freezing toes, I still cannot see any better place to live at. Sometimes it’s just… 🤷‍♂️.

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