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Comment Things I did not…

Things I did not know and I do not accept (especially when not implicitly asked about):

Homebrew has begun gathering anonymous aggregate user behaviour analytics and reporting these to Google Analytics.

To be fair, they continue with:

You will be notified the first time you run brew update or install Homebrew.

I did not see that notification and everyone else I asked did not see that either. Nobody was aware of the fact that data is being send to Google every time you execute a command with brew.

I can see why they do it, but this should definitely be an opt-in feature, instead of an opt-out. Now I'm starting to wonder what else they do behind the scenes as they have access to almost anything…


I did post a follow up after the lead developer contacted me on Twitter. Please read that one as well: It's all about a technical decision they made, which I'm not ok with

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