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Comment I have never been a…

I have never been a sporty person. I really never cared. Since I started surfing I knew that had to change. Since February I have been going to the gym three days a week.

Today was evaluation day. A machine tells you how you are doing in terms of body fat and all others things (I don’t understand). In the past it hasn’t been one of my favorites days.

Today we where able to use a new machine which is supposed to cost as much money as a not so small car. I feared that things would be worse for me.

Next to many other things the machine calculated a new metric: the age of my body. Solely based on my body fitness, fat and muscles.

The result? My body is the one of a 24 year old. For a person who is in the upper level of the 30s, that is an astonishing result. Especially if I consider our lifestyle here in Portugal.

People keep telling story’s that sport can improve your life. Maybe there is some truth to that. I had to get 30 something to realize that.

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