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Comment You realize what you…

You realize what you had when it’s gone. Everybody knows this, but it’s hard to recognize.

Anselm writes in Good things have an end:

All good things are finite but we should store them in our minds.

Once we leave this world it might be true and I hope we all will be remembered by the ones close to us. Before that, I’d like to look at things more optimistic. I recently learned about a quote which is supposed to be from John Lennon:

Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.

I met John a couple of times and was fortunate enough to attend once. It was indeed one of the best conferences I ever experienced. I still remember how the creative atmosphere left me speechless. Literally speechless. I always wanted to go again, but money, time and “there is always next year” stopped me.

Now the conference has come to an end. I am sad that I cannot go there anymore, but how must he feel? We all lost a great conference, but try imagine what he has lost.

So this is to John: If it's not okay [for you], it's not the end. Really looking forward to what you will do next.

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