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Mike Crittenden in If it will matter after today, stop talking about it in a chat room

you have to keep a steady eye on it and reply in realtime or the conversation will move on without you. Anyone who takes the time to ponder and respond thoughtfully with context and explanation will find that they’re too late.

Who hadn't the feeling coming back from a long weekend or a holiday, to open up all the team chats and declare what he describes as »declare chat room bankruptcy«. There are just too many messages.

I really agree with Mikes recommendation to move important discussions to a better structured medium. I'm actually trying to to that most of the time, but for me a new problem appeared: there are so many sources to check. Messages, Chats, Emails, Notifications, Discussions, Feeds… where to start, and… when to stop?

For me it helps to combine two things: priorities on the source and a fixed timeframe after which I have to stop no matter what. The internet is so rich of information, you have to accept to miss some things. While it is annoying to use so many services at the same time, it might actually be a good thing to help us app prioritise it better.

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