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Since I’m doing sports, I’m more or less wearing my Apple Watch every day. Today I read Hey, Apple – The Activity App Needs Rest Days Like Right Now by Ged Maheux:

The longer my streak continues, the more pressure there is not to break it. … It can be so stressful in fact, some people have come up with clever hacks to work around breaking streaks. … this isn’t actually healthy.

I can very much relate to this. My longest streak was 85 days. Today I do not really care about this because even 85 is such a large number that I do not mind anymore if I miss a day – and with this my streak.

While you might agree that this is indeed healthy, I would slightly disagree. Moving more and doing more sport is health. If this streaks, rewards and goals motives some to do more (or just stand up one more time to archive the 12 hours) it’s a good thing.

Still, I’d really like to have some official way out of breaking my streaks. Like Ged wishes for.

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