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Some „random“ quote by Hugo Vau:

live and learn, all the time.

For me this puts things nicely into perspective – again. What’s the worst that could happen to me. Hugo has so much more to loose in those big waves, I have to control source code.

The more I learn about all kind of surfing, I’m no longer sure about my focus in life. I love my job, but there is so much more to do out there…

No one has control about it. That’s the weather.

Still not sure about the moral of the story – especially for me, purely myself. Waves and surfing has a strange fascinating feel to me and I’ve not felt related to anything like that for quite some time. Maybe forever. I’m growing the feeling that I might want more for myself, and myself don’t think it can be satisfied only by my day job.

That said, writing software will most likely be always be with me. I really enjoy it. Creating something from nothing seems to be as awesome as dealing with the things nobody can control.

Fear doesn’t kill you, panic does.

I think I have to calm down my panic to misss something and combine my passions in life wherever possible. Everything could be over way too soon, making the best of it might just the key to my personal success.

All that words, just because really want to go surf again. I really want to be selfish again!

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