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Comment I try to kept an eye…

I try to kept an eye on all the paid digital subscriptions inside my Apple ID. When I wasn't using one enough I cancelled it. Today I have three active ones, and I was satisfied with myself.

The problem is: that is not even close to the truth. After being reminded by Christian that I now have a subscription for Tower, I started to think. Unfortunately there are far more paid solutions that I take for granted. Two surf forecast services, two macOS applications, five web based applications, one streaming service and one hosting provider.

The good thing is that I still want to keep all of them. They are worth paying for.

One question remains: which subscriptions did I forget because I don't use them anymore. If they have yearly payments activated, there's even a good chance that I'll miss to cancel them. Maybe some one should build a subscription app that reminds me of the subscriptions that I have.

How do you keep track of your digital subscriptions?

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