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Should we?

I’m struggling. I don’t know what to do, what to do next, and what will change my life for the better. I do not have a bad life at all, but as a human being I am constantly looking for improvements. One can always improve and one should always try. I do indeed believe that and I seriously try – but I struggle.

Today I found my current worst enemy for getting a better version of myself. For getting better at work, at surfing or at dealing with the world as a whole. It is a simple word that shifts the responsibility to the unknown. Something that is not me. This something might be my future self, it could be someone else or it could be the hope that it gets solved magically without my involvement at all. It helps me to release the pressure from myself. It frees my mind from the stress that there is actually something to do… and it might be hard work.

We should do something against it.

As good as the intentions with this simple sentence are, I do not think it is helping at all. I start to believe that should is the start of all evil. »Someone should do a better job in politics«. »Someone should do something about climate change«. I should definitely find a solution to my latest development challenge, heck I should even „just“ take out the trash.

If there is a should, there is a way to get out of it. It is an excuse for missing commitment. Real change starts with the burden that I am indeed responsible for the change. If I only believe that I should do it, is not important enough for me. If it would be I would do it. If it would be important for all of us, we would all do it together.

I am not recommending that anyone should do something. I am starting today by removing this word from my vocabulary. I am certain that I will use it a couple of time because I am used to it, but I will continue to work on it. Today, because it is important to me. Who knows what I can do when I do remove the unknown from my responsibilities.

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