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Driving home for Christmas

Is the time of the year where most people around me are looking forward to Christmas. They like the family reunions, the holiday part, the religious fantasy or just simply gifting and getting gifted. If you live far away from your family this most likely means traveling. If parts of your family live far away from each other, and it's not easily possible to unite everyone, that means more traveling. For me this means two 2000 km flights and additional 1000 km driving in a rental car. This year we are about seven days on the road in total.

There are many things I'm looking forward in the next couple of days, but the one thing I'm looking forward most is getting back home. This is really a change for me. Some years ago I wanted to change the place where I live every half year. For a long time this was a dream. Then there came the perfect opportunity to make it come true. I did live in Switzerland, then in Amsterdam and in Ireland before we moved to Lisbon. Lisbon at that time was only a next stop before what we thought would be the end of your journey in some far distant future: Barcelona.

In the last two years, staying at the same place, things changed. When I'm going on a plane to fly somewhere the happiest thought is that I do have a ticket back. A ticket back to my home. It's not that I don't want to explore the world anymore, that I don't want to meet friends and family or that I don't want to leave the region anymore. I still want to do all that, but I guess I finally found a home for myself. A place that I picked myself. Not one that was forced on me. One that I feel truly happy about.

Even if I’m going home for Christmas, that does not mean I cannot look forward to get back home.

If you want to, have some nice holidays and enjoy the journey to the new year.

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