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Doing what you think is right for you

I’m a software developer who has created many products (and websites) for other people. At some point I decided that I wanted to get more involved with the things I do. Find a project that might actually make a difference in people's lives. This is why I joined the awesome team of What About Leo to try exactly that.

Our idea is simple: connect the best food in Europe with everyone who enjoys great products. The result is that the small producers don’t have to sell their products to supermarkets below a price that is sustainable for them, but still make it available to a broader audience. For us it’s not about the mass market, but about the few people that care about the quality and the origin of their food. The ones who want to know where the ingredients for their meals come from. Go and take a look at our products now.

For me the result is that I am still developing software, but there are real physical products involved which offer just another set of challenges that need to be solved. Sometimes not even some lines of code can help you with them. It’s refreshing and it’s exhausting but I think it’s worth it.

It’s not all black and white

As much as I would like to work on Leo full time, it’s not possible for now. That’s why I continue to take client projects and still do a lot of the things I’ve been doing before. For me the important thing here is that I am trying to change things for the better. Doing the things that are right for me. Maybe I can even wish to change someone else’s life for the better as well. I don’t have to change everything from one day to another. Doing something for some hours a day will take me closer to my goals.

Like for all changes in life: one step at a time might take you there. Don’t wish you could already be there. In the meantime, I would recommend you taste some awesome Parmigiano and take it along your way.

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