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Break the habit but nothing else

It has been a little over a year now. One year in which I did go to the gym. Every single month, at least three times a week. Sometimes more, only one or two occasions with less visits. For me it has the same good feeling that is repeating quite often for me: if my future self would have told me about today in the past, I would not have believed that I am that person. It's the second time in my life that I am subscribed to a gym and it is the first time I really got used to it. Until recently it started to feel like more work to get motivated. Packing the bag, going over there and doing the work. I still did do it, but I started to question my motives.

This week I tried something different. Since some weeks my knees felt strange and I diagnosed myself with a fitness overdose. I decided to do no sports at all for this week. No surfing, no running, no exercises and no weights. A simple experiment to see how my body reacts. While I think my body started to recover, my mind was missing something. I felt the need to get out of the house and at least walk. Luckily march is already pretty nice here, so we could stroll through the city and enjoy the sun… it was calm, it was relaxing and even if I had to work during the day, the afternoons felt like real free time. Almost like part day holidays.

By pausing my plans to go to the gym after work I was able to create more time for myself. Spending that time with things I did not normally do during a work week. It was so refreshing that I am looking forward to get back to my old routine. I realized that I created it out of a reason and I still stand by it. I see progress and it is working for me.

It seems that I have to break my habits sometimes, to see if they are working or if they are simply there to keep me distracted.

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